Alternative uses

The same technology that is used for our LED exhibition stands is also used for the construction of light boxes for wall and ceiling mounting. Our illuminated displays, which are mounted on the wall, consist of the same aluminum plug-in profiles as our exhibition walls. Only the feet are missing.

LED frames can be made exactly to measure. It does not matter whether the illuminated display is mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. If the light box is mounted on the wall, however, only the front can be provided with an individual slide cover. A light frame suspended from the ceiling can be covered with white slide fabric on the upper side and thus also achieve a special play of light.

Luminous room dividers are particularly interesting for furnishing offices. These partitions are also made of aluminum frames, which can be made in any size exactly according to your ideas. The permanently installed LEDs sit in the frame of the luminous partition walls and ensure that the room divider shines from both sides. Textile stretch slides with individual graphic prints are inserted into the frame on each side using a rubber lip. Switching graphics is quick and easy. In this way, the office can be given a new design at any time. Of course, this also applies to LED ceiling suspensions and luminous murals.