Our LED exhibition stand ALU STAR is a true construction miracle because it offers maximum flexibility. The modular construction makes it possible to build the exhibition wall in different sizes as required. For example, if you order a 300 cm wide LED exhibition wall from us, you can easily use it with a width of 200 cm. All you need is the appropriate textile slide covering in the desired size. This makes ALU STAR an extremely adaptable solution for a wide range of application scenarios at trade fairs and events.

With our mobile LED exhibition stand ALU STAR, we offer the ideal solution for easily creating even sophisticated exhibition stands. ALU STAR not only enables the integration of a separate storage room, but also the easy integration of bridge modules or monitor holders. The modular design of the ALU STAR allows for flexible adaptation to individual requirements, so you can expand and adapt your exhibition stand as needed. And best of all: Packed in handy transport trolleys, the exhibition stand fits in the back seat of a car.

Finally there is an update to our ALU STAR LED exhibition counter. The recently released PLUS version offers an additional dimension of functionality by being equipped with a sturdy storage shelf.

The Firefly mobile LED counter is completely new to our range. This innovative exhibition counter is characterized by a special feature: the base of the counter also functions as a battery, which allows the LED counter to light up even without an external power supply.

Our LED exhibition wall ALU STAR can be expanded with a monitor holder, as demonstrated in this video. The video also shows the ALU STAR counter PLUS, where the door element can be easily secured using a fingerprint. An additional practical function is that the ALU STAR PLUS counter can be equipped with a battery to make it independent of external power sources.

Upon request, we will be happy to visualize your exhibition stand with our 3D program. In this example video we combine an ALU STAR LED exhibition wall with an ALU STAR PLUS LED counter and an OCTAlumina standing table. Our 3D program makes it possible to design each exhibition system individually. This means you can get a precise idea of what your exhibition stand will look like in advance.