We listen. And think ahead. A carefully developed concept is the basis for a successful trade fair presentation. Together with you, we put together the right system technology for your mobile exhibition stand. In doing so, we pay attention to an optimal price-performance ratio in implementation and production.


We work with you to develop an optimally coordinated design for your LED exhibition stands and your printable exhibition stand equipment. If you would like to implement the design of your exhibition stand yourself, we have corresponding data sheets available for all our exhibition system technology.


If you wish, we can store your entire exhibition stand with us. Our logistics department has over 2000 m² of storage space available for this purpose. We check, catalogue, repair and ship your exhibition system technology, brochures and prints to the desired delivery address or set up your exhibition stand on site ready for use.


We are passionate craftsmen and specialise in the area of trade fairs and exhibitions. Throughout Germany, we assemble signs, photos, foils, LED displays and lettering or set up trade fair stands and exhibition walls on site.

3D trade fair planning

We use our 3D tool to plan your LED trade fair stand down to the last detail. We are the professionals for individual small exhibition stands up to 80 m². Our aim is to develop a trade fair plan that allows you to set up the entire trade fair stand technology yourself. This saves you costs and gives you complete flexibility in setting up your stand.

Express service

Thanks to our in-house production, we are able to manufacture LED trade fair stands, RollUps, folding displays, counters and other trade fair accessories within 48 hours if required - provided the system technology is in stock. You can also ask about our 24-hour service by calling +49 (0) 69 756080-73.

An LED exhibition stand is characterized by the use of LED spotlights, which are installed ready for use inside the exhibition stand frame and thus give the exhibition stand a special visual effect. Here are a few points that show what makes an LED exhibition stand so special:

  1. Outstanding lighting: The LED spots that are installed in our illuminated frames provide bright and even lighting that optimally illuminates the exhibition stand from the inside. In this way, the exhibition stand is clearly visible and attracts attention. This creates an impressive exhibition stand experience that attracts visitors to your exhibition stand.
  2. Flexible and modular: Our LED exhibition stands are flexible and modular and can be freely combined with one another depending on the size of the exhibition wall. This allows them to be easily adapted to the specific requirements of the exhibition stand.
  3. Adaptability: LED exhibition walls can be adapted to various booth configurations. They can be integrated into rear walls or placed free-standing on a trade fair stand. With several light walls placed next to each other, large-area backgrounds can be constructed or a space-spanning exhibition stand concept can be implemented. With LED exhibition walls, there is no end to the design possibilities.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Durability: LED lighting technology is more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional lighting systems. LEDs use less power and generate less heat, resulting in cost savings. They are resistant to shock and vibration, making them ideal for use at trade shows where transport and set-up are common.

The combination of all these features makes an LED exhibition stand a special highlight at trade fairs. The impressive lighting, creative design options and energy-efficient technology help to capture the attention of visitors, strengthen brand presence and create an unforgettable experience.

Designing an LED exhibition stand requires careful planning and creativity. The aim is to attract the attention of visitors through an appealing design and to convey the desired brand image. Here are some tips that can help in designing an impressive LED exhibition stand:

  1. Define your goals and messages for the fair. What do you want to achieve? What information should be conveyed to the visitors?
  2. Determine your budget for the exhibition stand, including the costs for the LED exhibition systems, the graphic covering and other exhibition stand accessories such as showcases, monitors, bar tables and bar stools.
  3. Consider the size and shape of your stand when creating the layout. Design a layout that makes best use of space and guides visitors naturally through the stand.
  4. Incorporate your brand identity into the booth design using colors, logos and fonts that suit your business.
  5. Use large format monitors to communicate your advertising message through videos, animations or presentations. Many of our LED exhibition walls have special monitor mounts for this purpose.
  6. Use LED emitters or spotlights to specifically illuminate special exhibits, products or graphics.
  7. Make sure that your stand personnel are well trained so that your trade fair visitors feel "all round" informed.
  8. Carry out a test setup before the exhibition to ensure that all LED components are working properly and the stand design achieves the desired effect.

A well thought-out and attractively designed LED trade fair stand helps your company stand out at every trade fair and leaves a positive impression on your customers and business partners. Remember that the design of your exhibition stand also depends on the objectives, the target group and the type of exhibition. With a creative and effective LED trade fair stand, you can impress at every trade fair appearance and thus strengthen your brand and generate new business contacts.

In order to increase the effect of an LED exhibition stand, it can be equipped with additional exhibition stand equipment. Here we have listed some exhibition stand accessories that go well with an LED exhibition stand:

Exhibition furniture:
High-quality furniture such as bar tables, bar stools or armchairs offer your visitors comfortable seating and create an inviting atmosphere for discussions.

Banners and displays:
Supplement your LED exhibition stand with printed banners, roll-ups or displays to present additional information about your company, products or current offers.

Brochure stand:
Provide brochures or informational materials in a well-placed brochure stand so that visitors can easily take them with them.

Floor coverings:
Consider whether you want to use special floor coverings or carpets to visually separate the booth and create additional comfort for visitors. If you want to place LED exhibition walls in the middle of an exhibition stand, it is advisable to use an exhibition floor under which the power supply for the illuminated walls and LED counters is installed.

Use information boards to make it easier for visitors to find their way around your stand and to draw their attention to special areas or offers.

Exhibition counter:
Place your exhibition desk, information desk or counter in strategic locations to support stand personnel in interacting with exhibition visitors. An information counter is also well suited for the presentation of company brochures and other important information material.

Presentation areas:
If the size of your exhibition stand allows, you can integrate presentation areas on which you can show products, samples or demos of your services. These areas can be highlighted with LED lighting.

Mobile device charging area:
A special service for your customers and trade fair visitors is if you provide a charging station for mobile devices.

Hand out freebies or small giveaways to keep visitors interested and remembered for your brand.

Carefully selecting the accessories for your LED exhibition stand is of great importance to ensure that your visitors feel comfortable at your exhibition stand and have a positive memory of your stand. By choosing the accessories according to the brand identity, the message of your company and the needs of the visitors, you can create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere. The functionality and quality of the accessories convey professionalism and help visitors stay at your stand and enjoy exploring it.