Exhibition systems with integrated battery

Illuminated banners and counters with batteries are particularly practical. If there is no socket nearby at the exhibition site, the LED stand can be placed anywhere conveniently and without the hassle of a cable.

Here we present our Firefly Battery product line. LED banners are available in the sizes 50x150 cm and 100x200 cm and an LED counter in the format 100x100 cm.

The illuminated displays consist of an aluminum frame with embedded LEDs. This can be easily put together and locked without tools. A textile graphic print is clamped into the frame, backlit by the LEDs and thus becomes a radiant carrier of your advertising message.

The battery sits in the base of the LED stand and is therefore invisible! It has a running time of 11 hours (banners) or 24 hours (counter). A small display provides information about the battery level.

The transport takes place in a handy trolley that offers space for the entire system including graphic covering. Only the system base with the built-in battery has a separate transport bag.