LED exhibition stand

An LED exhibition stand is currently the most innovative form of presentation, because a luminous LED exhibition stand can not be overlooked and is a visitor magnet at every trade fair and event! LED exhibition walls present your company and your products in an unprecedented way. Through an LED exhibition stand your advertising message is shone through and information is put in the right light.

We are especially specialized in mobile LED exhibition stands, which can be easily set up and transported by car even by inexperienced exhibitors. All LED exhibition stands from our program can be set up in no time and, depending on the type of exhibition wall, can be easily stowed in various transport bags, trolleys or roller cases. Thus, even a large LED exhibition wall fits into a normal car.

Choose the suitable mobile LED exhibition stand from our program such as LED exhibition stands made of white ABS plastic or aluminum, which are plugged together without tools, or LED exhibition walls made of a scissor grid structure, which are simply unfolded (PopUp folding wall). All our LED exhibition systems are equipped with power LEDs and can be packed in small formats.

You can find many setup videos on our MARTINCOLOR YouTube channel. Or if you have any further questions, just give us a call at +49 (0) 69-7560800.

Our LED exhibition stands in comparison:

ALU LightUp LED exhibition wall

The inexpensive LED exhibition stand

  • Aluminium profile 8 cm
  • Height 200, 230 and 250 cm
  • Width 85, 100 and 200 cm
  • Double-sided graphic covering
  • LED strips in the profile
  • Pre-assembled system feet
  • Easy assembly & disassembly
  • Optimum price-performance ratio
  • Rollable transport trolley
  • Transport in the car

ALU STAR LED exhibition stand

The multi-talent LED exhibition stand

  • Aluminium profile 12 cm
  • Height 200, 230, 250 and 300 cm
  • Width 100 - 500 cm
  • Double-sided graphic covering
  • Many accessories such as monitor holder, bridge & storage room module
  • Fixed connection of the LED walls by connectors
  • Sturdy ABS transport case with castors
  • Transport in car or estate car

PIXLIP GO LED exhibition stand

The LED exhibition stand for dummies

  • White plastic profile 12 cm
  • Height 200, 225, 250 cm
  • Width 85, 100, 200 and 300 cm
  • Double-sided graphic covering
  • LED strips are pre-assembled in the profile
  • Flexible connecting elements
  • Can also be set up by trade fair novices
  • Low weight
  • Transport in carrier bags
  • Car-friendly packaging

GRID Lightbox

The foldable LED exhibition stand

  • Scissor grid system
  • Height 230 cm, depth 30 cm
  • Width 78 - 300 cm
  • Double-sided graphic covering
  • LED curtains for backlighting
  • Illuminated side walls
  • Connection of the walls with screw connectors
  • Rollable transport trolley
  • Transport in the car

OCTAlumina LED exhibition stand

The individual LED exhibition stand

  • Aluminium profile 12 cm
  • Standard height 248 cm
  • Any width possible
  • Double-sided graphic covering
  • Special designs on request
  • LED strips in the profile
  • Many accessories such as monitor holders, storage spaces
  • Can be combined with Octanorm range
  • Sturdy, custom-made transport cases

Expand GrandFabric Lightbox

The practical LED exhibition stand

  • Aluminium frame can be plugged together
  • Height 80, 100, 240 cm
  • Width 80, 160, 240 and 294 cm
  • Double-sided graphic covering
  • LED spots in the profile frame
  • Mounting of the illuminated slides with zip fastener
  • Practical click feet
  • Fixed wall connection possible
  • Can be combined with Expand range
  • Practical transport trolley

Construction variants

Using our LED exhibition wall ALU LightUp as an example, you can see how many assembly options there are with this exhibition wall system alone. ALU LightUp is available in widths of 85, 100 and 200 cm. A 200 cm wide illuminated wall is ideal for setting up a trade fair back wall. This can be combined or extended on the right and left with 100 cm wide illuminated walls. The systems can be placed next to each other or positioned "around the corner", in an L-shape or in a U-shape. The LED trade fair walls are illuminated with individually printed transparencies that are clamped into the system frame. The back of the illuminated wall can be fitted with translucent diamond material or with opaque and light-proof block-out material in white.


If you want to purchase a mobile LED exhibition stand that perfectly suits the requirements of your company, it is helpful to pay attention to details. We offer a wide range of LED trade fair stands that have various advantages. All systems from our range are easy to set up and dismantle. The basic system of ALU STAR and ALU LightUp consists of aluminium profiles that are plugged together without tools. In both systems, the aluminium profiles already contain the pre-assembled LED modules, which facilitates the assembly of the light walls. The transformer is also already mounted in the frame of the particularly high-quality ALU STAR LED trade fair wall (see photo). With the ALU LightUp exhibition wall, the transformer is located outside the system, but the feet are already attached to the illuminated frame and are simply unscrewed for assembly.


All important information about our LED exhibition wall ALU STAR can be found in the brochure, which you can download here. Detailed assembly instructions for ALU STAR light walls in various sizes are also available for download.

LED counters

In our range of LED trade fair systems, we also offer an extensive assortment of different LED trade fair counters that can be used together with our LED trade fair walls. The combination of illuminated walls with LED counters creates an impressive LED exhibition stand. Of course, our LED counters can also be placed as a stand-alone solution at a trade fair or event. In this way, several LED counters placed next to each other create an unmissable magnetic effect. LED counters can be used in many different ways. However, our focus is particularly on mobile trade fair counters that are easy to assemble and dismantle and can be transported in a normal car. In our ALU STAR LED system family, you will find three different LED counter solutions that meet all the criteria you expect of a mobile LED counter. On the right of the picture, you can see the ALU STAR MAX and PLUS LED counters.

With our OCTAlumina light counters, we also offer you a large range of stable, partly lockable light counters. However, the assembly and dismantling of these trade fair counters is somewhat more complex. Particularly popular is the OCTAlumina high table, which is individually covered on four sides and thus has an impressive effect. You can see it in the centre of the picture below. Of course, all our light counters can be equipped with an individually printed graphic covering. LED counters are the perfect accessory for an LED exhibition stand.

LED exhibition stand sets

In the pictures you see below, we have put together various LED exhibition sets for you. The basic LED exhibition stand system is the ALU LightUp lighting system, which is available in three different widths. Depending on how the LED exhibition walls are combined, a completely new stand impression is created. Foldable advertising columns, brochure stands and LED counters are available as accessories. If you don't find an LED exhibition stand that meets your requirements here, give us a call. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on +49 (0) 69 756080-84.

Exhibition set 4x2 m

Exhibition set 3x2 m

Exhibition set 4x2 m

Exhibition set 3x2 m

Exhibition set 3x3 m

Exhibition set 3x3 m

Exhibition set 3x2 m

Exhibition set 3x3 m

Exhibition set 4x2 m

Alternative uses

The same technology that is used for our LED exhibition stands is also used for the construction of light boxes for wall and ceiling mounting. Our illuminated displays, which are mounted on the wall, consist of the same aluminum plug-in profiles as our exhibition walls. Only the feet are missing.

LED frames can be made exactly to measure. It does not matter whether the illuminated display is mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. If the light box is mounted on the wall, however, only the front can be provided with an individual slide cover. A light frame suspended from the ceiling can be covered with white slide fabric on the upper side and thus also achieve a special play of light.

Luminous room dividers are particularly interesting for furnishing offices. These partitions are also made of aluminum frames, which can be made in any size exactly according to your ideas. The permanently installed LEDs sit in the frame of the luminous partition walls and ensure that the room divider shines from both sides. Textile stretch slides with individual graphic prints are inserted into the frame on each side using a rubber lip. Switching graphics is quick and easy. In this way, the office can be given a new design at any time. Of course, this also applies to LED ceiling suspensions and luminous murals.



We listen. And think ahead. A carefully developed concept is the basis for a successful trade fair presentation. Together with you, we put together the right system technology for your mobile exhibition stand. In doing so, we pay attention to an optimal price-performance ratio in implementation and production.


We work with you to develop an optimally coordinated design for your LED exhibition stands and your printable exhibition stand equipment. If you would like to implement the design of your exhibition stand yourself, we have corresponding data sheets available for all our exhibition system technology.


If you wish, we can store your entire exhibition stand with us. Our logistics department has over 2000 m² of storage space available for this purpose. We check, catalogue, repair and ship your exhibition system technology, brochures and prints to the desired delivery address or set up your exhibition stand on site ready for use.


We are passionate craftsmen and specialise in the area of trade fairs and exhibitions. Throughout Germany, we assemble signs, photos, foils, LED displays and lettering or set up trade fair stands and exhibition walls on site.

3D trade fair planning

We use our 3D tool to plan your LED trade fair stand down to the last detail. We are the professionals for individual small exhibition stands up to 80 m². Our aim is to develop a trade fair plan that allows you to set up the entire trade fair stand technology yourself. This saves you costs and gives you complete flexibility in setting up your stand.

Express service

Thanks to our in-house production, we are able to manufacture LED trade fair stands, RollUps, folding displays, counters and other trade fair accessories within 48 hours if required - provided the system technology is in stock. You can also ask about our 24-hour service by calling +49 (0) 69 756080-73.


All our mobile LED exhibition stands are easy to transport because they consist of aluminium profiles that can be plugged together. For example, a 400 cm wide and 300 cm high LED exhibition stand fits perfectly into a normal car. In most cases, we print on continuous diamond material that can be folded up small. High-quality, sturdy rolling cases made of ABS plastic are available for transport, in which a complete LED exhibition wall can be stored. This allows you to take your complete LED exhibition stand with you wherever you go.

LED exhibition stand references

If you want to present your company with a mobile LED exhibition stand, MARTINCOLOR is the right partner for you! We have many different LED exhibition stands such as ALU STAR, ALU LightUp, PIXLIP GO, OCTAlumina and many more. Depending on your wishes and application requirements, we offer the right system technology. The focus of our programme is on mobile LED exhibition stands, each of which is set up differently to create a different stand character. Our range of LED exhibition stands includes many modular solutions for this purpose. See for yourself the extensive construction possibilities at

Here you will find informative projects that we have realised in the field of mobile LED exhibition stands.
You are also welcome to find out more at led-messewand.com.

FairNetz GmbH

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp, PIXLIP POP + OCTAlumina standing table

TH Wildau

LED exhibition stand: PIXLIP GO

Inomed Inc.

LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR

KRAIBURG Holding GmbH & Co. KG

LED exhibition stand: OCTAlumina

Lighthouse Communications

LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR

Comline AG

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

MKI Industrieservice GmbH

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik

LED exhibition stand: PIXLIP GO

Justizministerium NRW

LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR + ALU STAR PLUS LED counter

Meso International GmbH

LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR

Frankfurter Sparkasse

LED exhibition stand: GRID Lightbox

Genius GmbH

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

HERRMANN Apparatebau GmbH

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

Körber Pharma Consulting

LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR

Vetoquinol GmbH

LED exhibition stand: PIXLIP GO

Shimadzu Europa GmbH

LED exhibition stand: GRID Lightbox

Neuromedex GmbH

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

Baker McKenzie

LED exhibition stand: OCTAlumina

LED exhibition stand store

Order directly from our shop!

ALU LightUp illuminated wall

The ALU LightUp LED exhibition wall offers the best price-performance ratio.

ALU STAR XXL LED exhibition wall

The ALU STAR XXL illuminated wall is available in a width of up to 5 m.

GLOW UP Battery

This new LED display can be placed anywhere thanks to the integrated battery.

GRID Lightbox Counter

This counter fits perfectly with the LED exhibition walls of the GRID Lightbox series.

PIXLIP GO Illuminated Wall

Clear advantage of the PIXLIP GO LED wall: light and handy thanks to plastic profiles.


ALU STAR MAX offers a particularly large front surface for your company presentation.

ALU STAR LED exhibition wall

The ALU STAR LED exhibition wall is our bestseller and can be expanded in a modular way.

PIXLIP POP illuminated display

The super-affordable LED RollUp is an alternative to the normal RollUp system.


This "PLUS" version of the ALU STAR counter has an integrated shelf.


Trust is everything.

MARTINCOLOR has stood for innovative products in the field of trade fair and exhibition technology, individual production of trade fair systems, high-quality production and 100% reliability in the implementation of your trade fair dates since 1964. The quality of our products is always in the foreground! Our customers have been entrusting their trade fair stands to our expertise for many years – whether medium-sized companies, start-ups or corporations. You can rest assured that the knowledge of a perfect LED exhibition stand drives everything we do. Due to our location in the middle of Germany, we can optimally support customers throughout Europe. We plan and develop your LED exhibition stand, starting with the concept through to the complete implementation. For almost 10 years, our core competence has been the development of LED exhibition stand solutions that can be put through their paces in our showroom.


In our in-house print shop we create large-format textile prints, slide covers, banners, plate and foil prints. The entire assembly of the prints and coverings produced by us also takes place in our in-house sewing shop and workshop. Our customers, regardless of whether they are medium-sized companies or listed global players, appreciate the potential of perfect, imaginable trade fair planning, high-quality production and rapid implementation of their trade fair appearance. Convince yourself of our services.

Despite all the innovation, the sustainability of our production is particularly important to us. Our goal is to achieve more with less material. For this reason we have started to reduce electricity and energy in our production and office rooms, to recycle building materials and to use environmentally friendly printing materials. We constantly strive to use our earth's resources sparingly.


You can get more information from Sonja Ewald on extension +49 (0) 69 756080-81.



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