LED Messestand

LED exhibition stand

An LED exhibition stand is currently the most innovative form of presentation, because a luminous LED exhibition stand can not be overlooked and is a visitor magnet at every trade fair and event! LED exhibition walls present your company and your products in an unprecedented way. Through an LED exhibition stand your advertising message is shone through and information is put in the right light.

We are especially specialized in mobile LED exhibition stands, which can be easily set up and transported by car even by inexperienced exhibitors. All LED exhibition stands from our program can be set up in no time and, depending on the type of exhibition wall, can be easily stowed in various transport bags, trolleys or roller cases. Thus, even a large LED exhibition wall fits into a normal car.

Choose the suitable mobile LED exhibition stand from our program such as LED exhibition stands made of white ABS plastic or aluminum, which are plugged together without tools, or LED exhibition walls made of a scissor grid structure, which are simply unfolded (PopUp folding wall). All our LED exhibition systems are equipped with power LEDs and can be packed in small formats.

You can find many setup videos on our MARTINCOLOR YouTube channel. Or if you have any further questions, just give us a call at +49 (0) 69-7560800.


LED Messestand - Aufbau und Transport

Assembly + transport
of LED exhibition stands

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LED Theken

LED counters

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Leuchtsysteme mit Akku

Illuminated systems with battery

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LED Messewand als Deckenhänger und Raumteiler

Alternative uses

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