Mobile LED exhibition stand

LED exhibition stand

With an LED exhibition stand you are relying on the most innovative form of presentation currently available. Luminous LED exhibition stands are an unmistakable eye-catcher and magically attract the attention of visitors at every trade fair and event! The fascinating LED exhibition walls enable a previously unattainable presentation of your company and your products. A mobile LED exhibition stand floods your advertising message with light and puts information in the spotlight. The impressive visual presence of an LED exhibition stand gives your brand a unique charisma and effectively showcases your message. With us you will find a variety of mobile LED exhibition stands that meet your requirements and preferences.

We have particularly specialized in the area of mobile LED exhibition stands, which can be easily set up even by inexperienced exhibitors and easily transported in a normal car. All LED exhibition stands from our range are characterized by quick assembly and, depending on the type of exhibition wall, can be easily stored in various practical transport bags, trolleys or rolling cases. In this way, even a large LED exhibition wall measuring 5x3 m can easily fit in the back seat of your car or station wagon. This easy handling enables stress-free travel to trade fair events, convenient transport and ensures uncomplicated assembly of your impressive LED exhibition stand when setting up and dismantling.

Discover the optimal mobile LED exhibition stand from our range, be it an LED exhibition stand made of white ABS plastic such as PIXLIP GO or one of our aluminum illuminated systems such as ALU STAR or ALU LightUp, which can be easily put together without tools. With the GRID Lightbox we also offer a somewhat more unusual LED exhibition wall, which consists of a scissor grid structure. It can be unfolded, as you would expect from a classic folding wall display, and offers a unique form of presentation with illuminated side panels.

All of our LED exhibition walls have one thing in common - they are equipped with particularly bright POWER LEDs. For the LED exhibition walls, which are made of aluminum or plastic plug-in profiles, the LED modules are already installed in the profiles. Since double-sided illumination is possible, your advertising graphics can be applied to both the front and the back of the illuminated wall using this lighting technology. With the GRID Lightbox LED system, which is made from a scissor grid structure, the LEDs are hung directly into the folding frame using connected light curtains. In this way, they illuminate the graphic print stretched on the front directly from behind.

If you have additional questions or a specific concern, we will be happy to assist you personally. Simply contact us by phone at +49 (0) 69 756080-0. Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist, provide information or provide assistance in selecting the optimal mobile LED exhibition stand for your individual needs. We attach great importance to ensuring that you not only receive high-quality products from us, but also the best possible service and support. Do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to assist you with advice and support.


LED exhibition stand - construction

Assembly + options

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In our YouTube channel you will find a variety of detailed assembly videos that offer you detailed instructions on how you can optimally set up and use not only our LED exhibition stands and illuminated walls, but also other innovative products from our range. The videos are designed to give you a step-by-step introduction that will enable you to set up your mobile LED exhibition stands not only easily, but also extremely efficiently. From the initial setup to the tensioning of the textile coverings, these videos provide a visual representation that is equally helpful for both inexperienced exhibitors and experienced professionals.

Our assembly videos go beyond mere assembly instructions and also offer tips and tricks for optimal presentation at trade fairs and events. In addition to the assembly steps, the videos show how to best show off the lighting effects and other special features of our LED display stands. It is important to us that the effective use of our products not only depends on their quality, but also on well-thought-out use.

LED exhibition stand - assembly + transport

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LED exhibition stands

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LED counters

LED counters

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Illuminated systems with battery

Illuminated systems with battery

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3D planning of exhibition stands

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So that you get the best impression of your future LED exhibition stand, we advise you to create a 3D visualization. For this purpose, the key data of your exhibition stand is transferred to our 3D program and the desired exhibition system components are entered into the system. Our trade fair designers will conjure up a perfect LED exhibition stand model - of course with your individual graphic display.

If you have any questions, please contact us on +49 (0) 69 756080-0.

Mobile exhibition floor

Another highlight of our mobile exhibition stand accessories is the Stand-ON exhibition floor. This exhibition floor is characterized by being extremely easy to use and is therefore an ideal solution for self-assemblers. Thanks to the uncomplicated assembly, exhibitors can easily install a complete exhibition stand themselves without having to rely on professional support. This means significant cost savings and also offers the flexibility to design the exhibition stand according to your own ideas and requirements. Another advantage of the Stand-ON exhibition floor is its easy transport. Despite their robustness, the stable plastic panels are lightweight, meaning that an exhibition floor measuring many square meters can be easily transported in a conventional vehicle. This mobility allows an LED exhibition stand to be easily transported from one trade fair to the next without having to use complex logistics or special means of transport. The Stand-ON exhibition floor is available in different surfaces. The highlight, however, is that the Stand-ON panels can be individually printed and you can thus receive a personalized exhibition floor.

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LED exhibition wall as a ceiling hanger and room divider

Alternative uses

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Discover not only our impressive LED exhibition stands, illuminated walls and LED exhibition counters, but also a diverse selection of LED light boxes, LED ceiling suspensions and LED room dividers. Our product range also includes innovative solutions for your individual office and interior design needs. Explore the world of visual excellence with us and put your message in the perfect light with our LED-based presentation solutions.

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Exhibition stand sets

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Our exhibition sets include various exhibition stand systems such as illuminated walls, exhibition back walls, roll-up systems, exhibition counters, brochure holders and much more, which are required for an attractive exhibition stand solution. It takes a diverse range of elements to construct an attractive exhibition stand and catch the eye of potential exhibition visitors. In our offer we present various exhibition sets, most of which are eye-catching LED exhibition walls and LED counters that can be used in conjunction with other accessories. Our exhibition sets can of course also be provided with individual labels, which are stuck on the back walls of the exhibition booth in order to present large lettering and logos in addition to the exhibition systems set up. A carefully put together exhibition set plays a crucial role in attracting interested customers, strengthening your brand presence and successfully appearing at a trade fair.

Mobile LED exhibition stand - advice

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