Mobile exhibition floor

The stand-ON exhibition floor is particularly recommended when using mobile LED exhibition stands, as it enables the entire cable feed to be cleverly “camouflaged”. This is hidden in the floor panels, which have precise recesses for this purpose. This well thought-out design makes it possible to lay power cables discreetly and safely in the ground, which not only improves the appearance but also eliminates potential tripping hazards. Of course, the mobile stand-ON exhibition floor can be set up without tools. The floor panels made of high-quality plastic are simply folded together and fixed with connectors. The edges of the Stand-ON exhibition floor can be closed with either slanted floor plates or straight aluminum profiles. This makes the new, mobile Stand-ON exhibition floor perfect for making your bright trade fair appearance professional, safe and high-quality.

A particularly appealing option is to use the Stand-ON cover plates to individually design the surface of your exhibition floor. There are various options available to you to personalize a mobile LED exhibition stand according to your ideas. You can choose between different materials such as plastic in white or black, carpet tiles, wood or marble look and a transparent hood. The transparent hood also enables the underlay of individual image motifs, which gives your exhibition stand a unique and individual touch. For further personalization, the white plastic panels can also be individually printed using UV direct printing. This offers the opportunity to integrate a corporate design, logo or theme-related graphics directly into the exhibition floor. This not only turns the surface of the LED exhibition stand into a visual message, but you can also specifically draw visitors' attention to certain elements and effectively communicate your brand message.