LED exhibition stand options

using the example of our customer aquatherm GmbH

Our customer "aquatherm GmbH" is a great example of an attention-grabbing exhibition stand. The large-format illuminated walls attract everyone's attention and perfectly accentuate the stand design.

ALU STAR LED exhibition walls can be provided with individual graphics on both sides and, as shown here, can be set up as a corner stand, placed next to each other or used individually. In this way, the stand remains flexible and can be adapted to the circumstances.

ALU STAR monitor mount

What static graphics cannot show is played back on the screen. Whether company presentation or product videos - the desired files are simply saved on a USB stick and plugged directly into the monitor. This can then be controlled by remote control.

The ALU STAR monitor mount ensures a secure hold. It is attached to the system frame of the LED exhibition wall and can hold screens weighing up to 10 kg.

Installation is just as easy and tool-free as with all ALU STAR products. In the end, only the two round hangers into which the screen is hung are visible from the outside.


The LED counter ALU STAR PLUS is also a highlight. It was supplemented by lockable doors and a battery.

The door set is equipped with a fingerprint sensor and enables valuables to be safely stored.

Thanks to the rechargeable battery, the illuminated counter can be placed anywhere on the stand without being dependent on a socket. In addition, there is no tripping hazard due to cables lying across.